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Re: Tux setup problems

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Gary Benson wrote:

> I'm having trouble setting up Tux and Apache on Red Hat Linux 7.1. Tux
> serves static pages fine but it doesn't fall back to Apache to serve
> stuff that it can't do (it serves a 404 instead).

the problem is that TUX looks up only listeners, and Apache
is listening on in your case. But indeed it makes sense to
bind Apache to localhost only, so i've modified TUX to check the address as well, it's in the -G7 patch i've just


alternatively, (if you do not want to switch kernels) you can put Apache
to (and turn port 8080 off in your firewall setup to isolate
Apache from direct outside traffic.)

let me know whether this solves your problem,


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