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[patch] 2.4.9-ac10-J5

i've uploaded -J5 to the usual place:


(we are staying at 2.4.9-ac10 because Alan and Linus are merging their
trees so the latest 2.4.9-ac patches are marked experimental.)

changes in -J5:

 - PowerPC-64 fixes (Anton Blanchard)

 - implemented 'netconsole': instant logging to the network even from
   interrupt handlers. This patch helps the debugging of remotely
   administered boxes, in cases where the crash does not show up in logs
   (which is a significant portion of all crashes). See:


   for more. The netconsole-client code can be found at:


 - TUX/FTP fix, unlink socket callbacks on ->destroy(). This is a valid
   scenario if a PASV listen socket is closed that has un-accept()-ed
   child sockets. <plug> This bug was seen on a high traffic FTP server
   and was debugged via netlogging. (me)

 - other fixes.

as always, bugreports, fixes, comments, suggestions welcome.


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