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Re: Serous TUX 2.4.9-J5 problem

As a point of reference I'm using the Tux in 2.4.8p6aa (Andreas
Arcangeli?) and
none of these causes a problem for this version of Tux. 
I am interested to see how LaBrea 'tarpits' really handles this...

"Nathan G. Grennan" wrote:
> I tried using 2.4.9-J5 on a Athlon and a Dual P3 box. I had the same
> problem with each
> tux would crash with what looked like an opps(but wasn't) saying invalid
> operand 0000
> After thinking it might be a choice of compilter problem(gcc 2.96 vs
> egcs) and
> discovering that wasn't the case I had one of the light bulb moments.
> The idea was that
> Nimda was the cause. I telneted to another Linux box I admin on the net
> and pulled out
> a line out of the access_log from Apache. I restarted Tux fresh and
> telneted to port 80
> and pasted the line in and sure enough it instantly crashed. I believe
> the line I used was:
> GET /scripts /..%252f../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0

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