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rewriting URLs

I would like to create a userspace module that rewrites a URL.

Spceficically, whenever TUX gets a request for


I want to send the file


The code is simple enough, but I have not been able to identify a way to
casue TUX to know that if should invoke the userspace module when it
sees that kind of URL. Essentailly, I'd like to define a tux.mime/type
based on the head of the URL, rather than the file extension, and
associate that to a module.

It may help that all requests could be process through this single
userspace module -- the machine would always be serving images.

Any suggestions on how I can make this happen.

(BTW - I am fairly new to TUX. Maybe this is obvious, in which case a
pointer would be much appreciated. Maybe it is hard, in which case we
would gladly consider hiring any consultants who may be lurking on the
list here)

Karl DeBisschop
Learning Network / Information Please
www.learningnetwork.com / www.infoplease.com

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