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AW: virtual hosts with apache ?

Hi !

That works great ! Thanks a lot !

It does not work with <VirtualHost domain.com:80> but with <VirtualHost> for some reason. Is it possible that they changed syntax with the latest Version1 Apache ? (Not running 2.x yet...) 
Anyway, working now.

Still open:
How can I tell TUX to listen only to specific IPs ? I didn't find anything in the docs and the list archive... If someone could point me into the right direction... 

Thanks a lot !


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Von: Angel Marin [mailto:anmar@gmx.net]
Gesendet: Montag, 17. Juni 2002 09:57
An: tux-list@redhat.com
Betreff: RE: virtual hosts with apache ?


try this in your apache conf:

<VirtualHost domain.com:80>

Virtual hosting withTux and Apache works well, but you have to trick apache
as tux is accepting the connection and then "giving" the socket to apache.
Then apache thinks it has received the connection.

Listen can be only



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> Hi !
> It looks like TUX/redirect in tux.mime.types does not work with Apache.
> I am using name-based virtual hosting: virtual_server = 1.
> Requests are answered correctly, if it's HTML. If I call a
> php-page (index.php), the php files from the document-root is
> always taken. It looks like if requests are forwarded to apache,
> name-based hosting is not used. If I access domain:8080, anything
> works fine. Is that true, that virtual hosting with Tux AND
> Apache does not work ?
> -----------------
> config:
> This is how my apache-conf looks like (just the improtant bits):
> Listen
> Listen
> NameVirtualHost *
> <VirtualHost *>
>         DocumentRoot /www/htdocs/domain.com
>         ServerName domain.com
>         ServerAlias www.domain.com
> </VirtualHost>
> Redhat 7.3
> TUX 2.2.7
> /proc/.../clientport = 8080
> ..virtual_server = 1
> ..documentroot = /www/htdocs
> Thanks a lot !!
> jhh

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