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tux cuts large files short

after several weeks of testing, i have established without a doubt, that tux on a highly loaded machine sometimes serves an incomplete file to the client.
I have a 5 mb file on my server, that recieves tens of thousands of downloads a day, with sometimes 1000 concurrent connections downloading the same file. I was recieving several emails from my users on a daily dasis that the file they downloaded is shorter then it should be (the file size is random in these cases). I have tried to shift the serving of the file to backed apache by setting the file permissions so tux couldn't read it, the amount of complaints was lowered, but not dissapeared. after redirecting these downloads to standalone apache on the same machine on another ip the complaints stopped completely.
the machine runs Rh 7.2 with the latest tux on a 2.4.18 kernel from kernel.org on a 2 cpu ibm x330. the server has anough memory to have my whole site cached in ram. i have tried to move the entire server onto another machine, with the same results.
I hope that this problem can be investigated farther on the list, although i didn't see alot of traffic here in the recent time, and this seems like a problem in the guts of tux ...

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