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Re: TUX processes WON"T DIE! : Are we running windows Danny?

You are messing with kernel processes - it's like trying to kill the ext3
journal processes. I also cannot kill tux worker threads on my machine,
although this is the first time i wanted to do that - just to check . Please
use /etc/init.d/tux start/stop - this is the only way to control tux, as far
as i know.

> I am experimenting with tux on a 'linux-from-scratch' build.
> I don't expect everything to work right-away
> ( TUX is very redhat-specific, but I've hacked it into working on
Slackware 8.0 ) but I am not sure I want to bother continuing because TUX
> Once I've started TUX, figured out it isn't working, and made adjustments
( my standard development cycle ) I try to restart or kill TUX, and it WON'T
DIE, won't HUP, will not GO AWAY unless I restart the machine.  If I wanted
this kind of instability I'd run Windows.  These processes are not zombies
( according to ps ) but kill -anything has NO effect on them.
> '/proc/PID/status' says 'disk-sleep'.
> Is there a fix for this?
> I won't run anything that doesn't go away when root says "die."

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