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Re: TUX processes WON"T DIE! : Are we running windows Danny?

Hmmm.  If I gave the impression I was saying I thought Tux froze for
everyone, I apologize.  I was merely pointing out that it froze for me, and
seemed to have very similar symptoms to what the other person posted about.
I thought it was sort of assumed that I can only talk about problems I've
experienced personally.  I've read through some of the emails re: the 100%
cpu bug, and I'm using the latest version, and still getting the freezing
problem.  Incidentally, I AM running it on Redhat, so I was never concerned
about platform specificity... and I read the rc file, so I know what it

The problem is, the box I have is basically a plain-vanilla box with a
plain-vanilla install of the latest version, but I'm still getting a major
bug, which is, I think, noteworthy.  Since it's happening with my install of
the latest version, I'd argue that it's probably either a.) not
really/entirely fixed or b.) a different bug.  If it's happening for me,
it's certainly possible it could happen for others, too, or that others may
have encountered similar behavior and might know why it's happening or
perhaps how to get around it.  If that's an unreasonable hope, then I
apologize for wasting everyone's time by posting about what seemed to be a
real and serious bug.

As a semi-related side-note, I notice Ingo seems to have mostly disappeared
from the list, and stopped putting up updates, which is a bit disturbing
(hopefully it's just a much-needed vacation or something similar and not a
sign of some potentially negative changes).  I'm not worried too much yet,
though, since Tux development has always seemed to happen in spurts.


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Subject: Re: TUX processes WON"T DIE! : Are we running windows Danny?

> Nicholas, your problem is that tux hangs on YOUR machine, and after that
> cannot stop it with the standard "tux stop"
> i have experienced that in prevous version (read the 100% cpu bug)
> which seems to be solved now.
> and as to stopping tux, the rc file simply runs
> /usr/sbin/tux --stop
> nothing platform specific there

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