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RE: Tux and HTTP 302

My main objective is _precisely_ to prevent the installation of Apache.
So bear with me, please.
This server will only serve .html, .gif and .jpg for as long as he
lives. It is being used by cache module.

The problem is that when a file (in this case the problem are the image
files, only) is not there Tux will return a http 404 and the cache
module will misbehave. The cache module will behave very nicely if I can
make Tux return a http 302

Yes, I know about Tux being extension-triggered, but how much will my
performance (not to mention other potencial problems) suffer, compared
to having Apache lying around *just* for this case, if I associate .gif
and .jpg to my module, 'stat' the filename inside it and send back a 302
if it isn't there or ... ?

I don't know exactly how to go about that 'or'. When the file exists,
should the module send the object (the file) back to the client or can I
drop the priviledge of handling that extension back to Tux's original
behavior... ?

All your thoughts are appreciated.


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> > Subject: Tux and HTTP 302
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> > I need to be able generate a HTTP 302 Found (redirection) from TUX.
> > Does anyone know how to do this? 
> > Do I need to write a TUX module?
> Nuno,
> TUX modules are extension-triggered (.x and .tux by default; see
> /etc/tux.mime.types).  So while it would be trivial to create 
> a dynamic
> module that set HTTP status 302 and the Location: header, it 
> could only be
> triggered by a GET to that extension, i.e. 
> http://server/redirect.tux (which
> I doubt is what you want).
> My suggestion: set up Apache on port 8080 as a backend server 
> (see the TUX
> docs for more info on how to do this) and use mod_alias.  
> When TUX can't
> find the file, it will transparently pass the connection to Apache.
> David

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