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Re: Maximum performance for caching

Hi Batara,

El vie, 03-09-2004 a las 02:32, Batara Kesuma escribió:
> But still my load average is about 2. What does this mean? This machine
> is dedicated to TUX server btw. The traffic is pretty huge, about 4
> million pageview / day. 1 page has about 10 images, so it is about 40
> million access to the images.

Huge traffic BTW.  A load average of 2 means that there are 2 processes
waiting to be executed in the OS.  Meaning that if you have an SMP box
with 2 proccessors, every thing is pretty much Ok. In Uniprocessors
systems means that one is executing and the other one is waiting for the

What kind of hardware do you use? (proccessors, RAM, SCSI|IDE).  What
kernel are you running?

I have a PHP web app running with apache alone in an old 4X SMP box
700MHz, 2GB in RAM.  The load average usually gets between 20 and 40 an
even with that time responses are good.  The highest peak value I have
ever seen is 82.  The server gets about 4 millions of hits per day and
in high traffic hours it reachs 120 hits per second avg.  The highest
being 280.

Looking at the statistics in the apache access_log, almost 70% of the
requests are static content, so tux would be a fantastic thing here. 
TUX is really brilliant with static content.


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