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Re: [patch] tux3-

* William Lovaton <williama_lovaton coomeva com co> wrote:

> As soon as I can put my hands on a RPM kernel with TUX enabled I'll do
> it.  Been checking http://people.redhat.com/arjanv/2.6/RPMS.kernel/
> for a while and there is no sign of new RPMS, the last ones are Sept
> 7.

update: Arjan has fixed Tux in the RPM tree today - there were a number
of nontrivial kernel infrastructure changes in the upstream kernel that
made this more complex than first anticipated. The next RPM should
happen tomorrow (barring any unforeseen problems).

> BTW, I have logging deactivated in TUX, I mean, the access log, etc.  I
> have this configuration in /etc/sysctl.tux:
> net.tux.logging=0
> net.tux.redirect_logging=0
> net.tux.referer_logging=0
> net.tux.documentroot=/var/www/html
> net.tux.compression=0
> Should I add/remove/change something?

looks good. Generally the defaults should work just fine.


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