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Re: State of the TUX - query

Hi Andreas,

I ran tux with RH9 (kernel 2.4) and it was rock solid, not a single
crash on my overloaded system.  It managed to get more than 80 days of
uptime before shutting down for maintenance purposes.

Now I use FC2/3 with kernel 2.6 and it have been blocking on me under
heavy load.  I am working with Ingo to try to solve this but I have been
unable to test the latest kernel for different reasons.

Tux is really really great.  Could you test RH9 or FC1 and see if it is
stable enough?  (FC1 uses a 2.4 kernel so it should be stable).


El jue, 03-02-2005 a las 01:07 +0100, Andreas escribió:
> Hi all!
> I've tried TUX in 1993, and the performance was good, but stability
> terrible.
> I am just about to give it a try again, and just run into a kernel-
> panic when I did a 
> service tux stop
> Please reply and tell us how you are running tux, or how you used to
> run it.
> Alone, or with an apache at port 8080?
> Tux 2 or 3? 
> Kernel 2.4 or 2.6? 
> Cheers, Andreas
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