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Pls clarify my doubt about tux userspace modules


I am a newbie to tux. I am using tux patched 2.4.18-17 kernel that ships with Redhat Linux 8 distribution and tux-2.2.7 userspace tools. I tried tux userspace modules. They are working well. But I have two doubts. Anyone pls clarify them.

My first doubt is how to dynamically load and unload tux userspace modules. Whether I have to edit the source code of userspace tux program or is there any other way.

My second doubt is this. I am having a single TUX Worker thread running and my userspace code (TUXAPI_handle_event) is called from the context of that process. So, if a segmentation fault occurs in the code of userspace module, the Tux Worker thread gets killed and the service become down. How to solve this problem?

Anybody Pls help me. Thanks in advance.

Sathish R

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