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RE: Crashing TUX

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: tux-list-bounces redhat com [mailto:tux-list-bounces redhat com] Namens
Viktors Rotanovs
Verzonden: vrijdag 21 oktober 2005 10:06
Aan: TUX discussion list
Onderwerp: Re: Crashing TUX

Hi Nicolas,

 > I'm running TUX on a popular website here in Belgium (>2.000.000
 > pageviews / day) and I use it to serve all my static content (images,
 > css, .).

maybe this is off-topic, but we at Inbox.lv switched from TUX to 
lighttpd (lighttpd.net), because:
1) kernels are much easier to upgrade (especially if there are two 
kernel patches simultaneosly - Tux and GrSecurity)
2) lighttpd can be configured with rewrites, etc., configuration is very 
very flexible
3) problems may be tracked down easier than with tux (with valgrind).

I wouldn't say that lighttpd never crashes, but since it runs under 
daemontools it's restarted automatically.

And, unlike most other small webservers, lighttpd works with PHP.

 > Thanks in advance,
 > Nicolas Van Eenaeme

Best Wishes,

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