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Re: Tux Crash (same as Thierry dM's?)

hi thierry,
can you share your apache config for tuning?
thanks a lot,

On 9/4/06, Thierry de Montaudry < thierry mailhub co za> wrote:

I couldn't make it work with Tux, so I had to switch back to apache. It is a pity because it is the best to do that kind of job, but with some heavy tuning I managed to get apache to be almost as good as Tux, and at least to do the job I wanted it to do (mainly removing all modules I didn't need, means all of them but 2 of them, and tuning all the server's limits, + the very important flag EnableSendfile which should be turned on).

Regards... and good luck,


On Sun, 03 Sep 2006 02:20:37 -0700, William M. Shubert wrote:

Running RHEL4, I today got my first ever Tux kernel panic. I've been
running Tux on RHEL3 with SMP for a few years with no problem, today was
the first day with any significant load on RHEL4 for me.

I had the 2.6.9-42.0.2.ELsmp kernel (very latest one from Red Hat). My
crash looks very much (exactly?) like the ones that Thierry de Montaudry
had in July. People told him to switch to uniprocessor, but then he
reported the same problem. Thierry, were you ever able to find a fix? Is
Tux even being maintained by Red Hat any more? Or should I say goodbye
to Tux and switch to some other web server for my static content? Tux
has been great for me in the past, good performance with very low
resource consumption, but of course stability is the most important

Here's the pertinent data from /var/log/messages, note that
tux_schedule_atom called do_send_abuf which tried to dereference a null


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