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notes on thttpd/lighttpd Re: Tux Crash (same as Thierry dM's?)


I'd dearly like to get these TUX bugs fixed myself, but don't have the slightest idea where to start.

Anyways, I've tried thttpd, and lighttpd on various different installations having abandoned TUX, and I've found both to be more than adequate at solving the Apache+PHP memory consumption issue, by offloading content to them. Speed is nothing to grumble about either.

However two things of likely operational interest that I noted were:

thttpd barfs on slightly malformed urls, eg. for:


It would barf on:


... and refuse to serve the image. Although it wouldn't crash out and totally kill your server ;-)

Also, I don't think thttpd has any equivalent behaviour to Apache's 'mod_status', where Lighttpd does have vaguely equivalent behaviour.


according to my tests, on static small files thttpd + keep alive patch does give similar performance figures to tux,

just my 5 cent idea and experience to share,

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