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Re: RE: what is the latest release

I searched this question so that I could upgrade my RedHat 9 to Fedora, but I could not find any updates for tux.

The latest document for Tux is copyright 2002 and is version 2.2.
The last version of Redhat which lists documentation for Tux is RHEL 4.

In my research, I discoverd that the kernel must specifically support Tux. It worked great in RedHat 9.

As near as I can tell, Tux, per se, is no longer available for more recent versions of Redhat Linux.

The Tux.org ftp site is no longer functional.

My conclusion is that two stage static (tux) and dynamic (apache) web serving is no longer an option.

It looks like I'll have to run Fedora as a server with just apache - no tux.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 03:46:12 -0400, sunlei <sunlei iovst com> wrote:

You can look this links.
Maybe it can help you;)



发件人: Benny Frishberg
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主题: RE: what is the latest release
It is not compiled with the REHL5 kernel.
How do I patch it?

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  I'm sorry. I don't know yet.
  But I think the TUX is contained in RHEL5 now


发件人: Benny Frishberg
发送时间: 2008-04-13  20:28:37
收件人: tux-list redhat com
主题: what is the latest release
What is the latest stable release of tax and where can I download it from?

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