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"two stage" web serving - Not dead, just resting.

My conclusion is that two stage static (tux) and dynamic (apache) web serving is no longer an option.

It looks like I'll have to run Fedora as a server with just apache - no tux.
I'll bite on this one. I'm going to be quite vague, though ;-)

As I understand it, the gist of the argument is that since various changes in the 2.6 kernel allow for serving of static content much faster in eg. Apache ("sendfile" IIRC), it is no longer necessary to have TUX in-kernel, and hence development has been largely suspended.

That is not to say, however, that "two stage" web serving is redundant or should be abandoned, even with multiple IP addresses on the same physical server. You only have to look at the memory footprint of a php or mod_perl enabled Apache server to see why.

My personal experience on several projects is that it is well worth pursuing a "two stage" method.

However I'm not going to do all your work for you (and by virtue of the list archive, a lot of other people's work for them), so it will have to suffice to say that there are at least three different web servers which are well supported, cater for static content service, fast, and without a bloated memory footprint.

I'll give you a little hint, and say that the keyword you are probably looking for is 'comparison' rather than 'static', though...?

Beyond that, talk to me off-list and I can help more, probably for a fee though ;-)


Kev Green, aka Kyrian. E: kyrian@ore.org WWW: http://kyrian.ore.org/
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