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Re: New Box install problems

Am Mon, 2002-12-02 um 06.04 schrieb John P. Conlon:
> No I didn't receive anything about loading modules.  


> I have determined the following about the
> drivers.  The SIS650 drivers is on the SIS site and I downloaded it.  They only have instructions for
> upgrading for users of 7.2 which I don't have.  The directions don't work for the 8.0 that I have.  

The SIS Web pages are quite outdated regarding Linux. All the downloads
are for older versions. You should discard all the download files but
the readmes :-) If you installed any of those files you may consider to
perform a fresh install to gain a well defined starting point.

I suggest to proceed with RH version 8 (despite the warnings of another
member here) because you were able to get the gui up and running and the
overall situation with the other versions is even worse.

> The built in NIC is an SIS900 and the latest drivers are in the 8.0 build they just don't run for some
> reason.  

A driver for SIS900 is included and located in 
and if the installation had not been modified it is build as a module.
You can check this by  inspecting the file config-2.4.18-10 (or a
similar name depending on your kernel version) in an editor and search

(m means module, loadable and unloadable anytime in the system)

In an terminal window as root (perform a "su -" to get root's
environement) you should execute:

   lsmod | more

and check the output for the sis900

If you can't find it you should execute:

   modprobe sis900

and post the error messages here

Furthermore you should execute (still as root as above)

   cat  /proc/pci | more

you will see all the devices Linux found on the pci bus and you should
try to identify the lines for your NICs and the audio (and write down
the information about IRQ, I/O, ...)

Maybe your audio is not an pci device but isa. You should execute

   cat  /proc/isapnp | more

as well.

> My second NIC is a 3com905 which I can't get to work either.  The drivers appear to be there
> for it also.  

I'm not shure about that. I find several 3c5xx modules here, but no
3c9xx. I simple don't know enough about that cards and don't know if one
of the included drivers will work. You can simple try it the same way as

   modprobe 3cxxx

for all the drivers you find in

But perhaps there is someone else around here with more decent

Futhermore you should load the files 

into an editor and inspect the files for messages regarding network and
audio (in an terminal window as root execute "kate /var/log/boot.log &"
(KDE GUI running) or "gedit /var/log/boot.log &"  (Gnome running), but
don't save any modification).

And then come back with your findings here.


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