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Re: Configuring PPP dial in server

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 09:42:58AM -0800, Dale Marthaller wrote:
> Can anyone point me to documentation for configuring RH 7.3 as a dial-in PPP
> server? Just looking for tips on the modem, getty stuff and scripts needed.

Check out mgetty. External modems work best. However, I've had
success with an internal Cardinal modem, as well as an external
USRobotics modem.

Install mgetty. Read the docs. Turn on the AutoPPP feature in
mgetty and add an entry in /etc/inittab for it (making sure to have
lots of debug information enabled). My inittab looks like:

s2:2345:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -n 3 -x 6 ttyS1

The relevant line for AutoPPP is in mgetty's login.config:

/AutoPPP/ -     a_ppp   /usr/sbin/pppd auth -chap +pap login debug

(Play with the options you want to use. The above refuses chap
connections and allows pap only. You probably want to enable chap as
well if Microsoft systems will be connecting to your server.)

Update the /etc/ppp/pap-secrets and chap-secrets files. Set up an
options file that contains the IP address(es) to assign. Write back
with additional questions (including log files).

Good luck.

Jim Kaufman		mailto:jmk linuxforbusiness net
Linux Evangelist	cell: 612-481-9778		
public key 0x6D802619	fax:  952-937-9832
This was the ultimate form of ostentation among technology freaks -- to have
a system so complete and sophisticated that nothing showed; no machines,
no wires, no controls.
		-- Michael Swanwick, "Vacuum Flowers"

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