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Re: but to text mode?

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Bryan Pershall wrote:

> If you are set for graphic login is there a key while booting that will get
> me into a text login so I can fix an X configuration issue.
> Bryan Pershall
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> BP Computer Consultants
> bpershall bpcccorp com
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> On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Michael Cortes wrote:
> > I am with a school district and may have a unique situation here.
> > Our superintendent has a dialup account with a local ISP.  She would
> > like it if I can get our server to pop her account and deposit that
> > email in her account on our server.  Is that possible?
> > ...
    Why did you include in your email a reply on a completely different
    If your X configuration issue prevents X from working, I'm surprised
you're not already in text mode.  If, on the other hand, it works poorly,
but works, you can get into text mode with ctrl-alt-F6, for example, and
back out with ctrl-alt-F7.
    If that doesn't do what you want, boot in single mode.  According to
the Official Red Hat Linux Reference Guide (on the Documentation CD):

If you are using LILO, you can enter single-user mode by typing linux 
single at the LILO boot:  prompt.

If you are using GRUB as your boot loader, you can enter single-user mode 
using the following steps.
      In the graphical GRUB boot loader screen, select the Red Hat Linux 
boot label and press [e] to edit it.
      Arrow down to the kernel line and press [e] to edit it.
      At the prompt, type single and press [Enter].
You will be returned to the GRUB screen with the kernel information. Press 
the [b] key to boot the system into single user mode.

A very bare system will boot, and you will have a command shell from which 
you can fix things. 

Steven Yellin

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