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Re: Keyboard replacement

On Thursday 05 December 2002 12:33 pm, Tim Miller wrote:

> What is the procedure for changing a keyboard from a PS/2 to USB system?
> By that I mean, do I just shut the system down unplug the old and plug in
> the new?  What happens when I reboot the system?  Will the new keyboard in
> the USB port be recognized and usuable? or do I need to plug both
> keyboards in at the same time and change the Xconfig-4 file???
My experience with keyboard replacement was both simple and painless - close 
computer, remove old PS2 keyboard, plug in new USB keyboard, boot into Linux 
(RedHat 8.0) and type away as if nothing had ever happened.

In comparison on this very same machine ( dual booting ) Win98 had a hissy-fit 
at seeing a new keyboard, disabled my mouse and threw a few BSODs and needed 
3 reboots to finally recognize my new keyboard... oh, what kind of keyboard 
did I have? Microsoft Internet Pro... ( Ironic, ain't it ? )

You should have no problems with Linux.


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