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Re: Connection refused (but why?)

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 09:19, Michael Schwendt wrote:
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> On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 10:55:35 -0500, John Nelson wrote:
> > By the way, my Redhat 7,3 system doesn't have a "telnetd" rpm but
> > rather a "telnet server" rpm.  Even when installed, it is called
> > "telnet" and not "telnetd". 
> Correct. Someone made a minor typo there. Doesn't matter much since
> you would/should find out something like that easily.
> > I turned on both wu-ftp and telnet with
> > chkconfig and am still unable to access that remote machine.
> Verify whether the telnet server works on the machine itself and
> accepts connections. Verify whether the FTP server works on the
> machine itself. Make sure you don't forbid remote access via the TCP
> wrapper in /etc/hosts.deny. Verify that you can "ping" your server
> from the remote host. Show a shell session of your connection
> attempt from a remote machine. In particular, what error do you get?
> > Also
> > turned off iptables and ipchains.  Man this is a problem!
lack of knowledge is not necessarily a problem...it's an opportunity to
learn. Only if you don't want to learn, is it a problem.

I am sure that i suggested that you check to make sure that your
computer is 'listening' to ports 21 & 23 (ftp & telnet respectively)

netstat -an|grep LISTEN

if your computer isn't 'listening' nothing else matters. Both would
normally be started/managed by xinetd.

chkconfig --list telnet
chkconfig --list wu-ftpd

and as was suggested - if either or both are 'off' - turn them on

chkconfig telnetd on
chkconfig wu-ftpd on

and then of course...


man hosts.allow


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