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Re: Xwindows problem after installation

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, torbjorn elebro wrote:

> The GUI (X windows) is not working after the Linux 7.3 installation.
> Only the command line interface "unix text interface" .
> Need configuration advice. Following error message: GDM can´t be started
> [drm: i830_wait_ring] *ERROR* lockup 00 [drm:i830_wait_ring] *ERROR*
> space: 65520 wanted 65528
> The Linux 7.3 SW are installed on a laptop IBM Thinkpad Celeron R31.
> Monitor Intel (R) 830M Graphic Controller -0, version,
> Kretstyp: Intel(R) 82830M, DAC-Typ:Internal, Memory size: 32 Mb, BIOS
> info: Intel Video BIOS, 1024x768, True Color (32 bits), 60 Mhz, Video
> BIOS: 2544
> The script tries to start Xwindows but the monitor is only show colored
> lines

  First of all, please do not clutter your messages with unrelated 
material. Thanks.
  I don't know about your error messages, but have you configured your 
Xwindows environment correctly? In other words, have you chosen the right 
monitor and graphic card? Suggest using Xconfigurator to change your 
  Hope this may help. 

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