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Re: IPTables

RH 7.x defaults to using ipchains...but both sets of modules are there for 
you to use.

First, "chkconfig ipchains off"
Next, "service ipchains stop"
Next, "rmmod ipchains"
Now, "modprobe iptables"
Then, "chkconfig iptables on"

That should get you the building blocks. You should now be able to build 
your iptables firewall, then issue "service iptables save" so that the 
configured firewall comes up every time you restart your system.

On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, cKBoy wrote:

> Hi can anyone tell me what the difference between ipchains and iptables is?
> And is iptables built in to the default kernel?
> I was trying to setup my firewall using iptables but it gave me errors about
> device busy and can't load module.. and the like.  so I
> just ended up using ipchains.  so would it be better to use iptables?

Mike Burger

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