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Re: loading sound modules

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, SMichelle wrote:

> All was in /etc/modules.conf as you said, but adding /bin/aumix-minimal
> -f /etc/.aumixrc to the rc.local did not work, nor did running aumix as
> a user. I did a lsmod (nosound) and a lsmod after running 'sndconfig'
> (with sound) -- the diff between the two is listed below. 
>   [smlake walrus smlake]$ diff sound-none sound-with
>   1a2,3
>   > es1371                 29056   0 
>   > soundcore               6692   4  [es1371]
>   3d4
>   < es1371                 29056   0  (autoclean)
>   6d6
>   < soundcore               6692   4  (autoclean) [es1371]
> It's odd that I have this issue on the desktop as I have RH7.3 running
> on a laptop (thinkpad 770) where CDs will play automatically -- although
> I needed to disable the 'quick boot' option in the bios on the laptop
> for that to happen. According the the linux-thinkpad mailing list
> something in the 'quick boot' pnp needs to be disabled for sound on a
> thinkpad.
> Thanks.
> /SMichelle
Strange.  Well, you can put "modprobe es1371" in rc.local, and it will 
load the modules for you.  You shouldn't need to do it, but it will work 
for now.


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