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Re: How to install a package with all its depended packages?

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 11:32:54AM -0500, Raoul Armfield wrote:
> This is wholly off topic but why all the outlook bashing?  I know that most
> virii, etc are geared to M$ but I have been using outlook for several years
> and have not been infected with any virus.  I make sure my antivirus is up
> to date, I set the security settings to high and send messages only in plain
> text.

Outlook has an incredible amount of security problems including, but not
limited to, the virii that is geared towards it (I have seen OE, a mail reader,
make the operating system crash). The default security settings are completely
insane and the features are quite minimal.

While I'm aware that you can change the security settings to tighten things up
(and commend you for doing so), I have serious difficulties believing you are
an example of the average OE user instead of an exception to the rule.

> The flames should be geared not to MS itself (though I am not saying that
> they are totally without blame in shipping software that is lacking in
> security) rather the admins that don't put the effort.

I firmly believe that software should obey the principle of least surprise,
having the default settings be as sane as possible. Expecting every single
OE-user-at-home to check the settings on first launch and change them to
sane values is quite unreasonable, IMHO.
OTOH, you are 100% correct for office use.

As for Microsoft, back when they announced that the Office apps would launch
macros by default, everybody warned them that this would lead to security
problems. Microsoft did not listen. When they gave the list of OE's
features/bugs, everybody warned them that this would make virus-containing
e-mails a reality instead of the urban myth it was at the time. They did
not listen.

> Don't forget that Outlook is not the only mail client that can send
> HTML mail for instance Eudora, Netscape and Pegasus even Kmail, just
> to name a few.

Do all of these really send HTML mail by default?
If they do, they have unsane settings. If they don't, it's just another
feature that users can activate if they know what they're doing.


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