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RE: BINDCONF: Multiple NS records for a single zone?

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002 012950864 mobitel com kh wrote:

> Thank you Mike for your kind help. I also helped a lot last time when I 
> desperately asked for a DNS guru.

Always happy to help if I can.

> > What it means is that multiple systems are going to be queried for domain 
> > information.  They'll work together by having one as the master, and the 
> > other 4 as slaves (meaning that they'll download the DNS information from 
> > the master and store it for queries).
> >
> > Lookups will usually come in a round robin fashion, meaning one will get 
> > it, then the next, and so on.
> So, others would just be set as slave servers. And how about the clients? For 
> example, if I use another Linux box as a client, what should it have in 
> its /etc/resolv.conf? Should it have all the name servers in order or just the 
> primary one is enough? As I remember, the /etc/resolv.conf file accepts at most 
> 3 nameservers:
> nameserver      cisco.rupp.edu.kh. 
> nameserver      ns1.rupp.edu.kh. 
> nameserver      ns2.rupp.edu.kh. 
> Does this means, I should never have more than 3 NS records for a zone?

I'm not sure I've ever run into this as an issue, but I've never actually 
had 3 DNS servers fail on me.

That having been said, DNS resolution won't fail on the client machines if 
there are more than 3 nameserver entries in the resolv.conf.

When it comes to the local system, and the nameservers listed in 
resolv.conf, the round robin effect doesn't come into play.  The client 
system will try the name servers in order of listing in resolv.conf...if 
the first one fails, the second one will be tried, and so on...but lookups 
will always be tried on the first listed server, first.

Mike Burger

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