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Re: Two ISP and NAT

>I'm sure Rimas actually has 2 ISP's - both DHCP - but independent
>I'm not sure what you mean by "eth1 DMZ"
>Rimas - correct me if I am wrong :-)
>I have two ISP's also, 1 DHCP and 1 static - the static one is like
>Keith's eth2 setup except that I have 32 IP's rather than 4 or 8
>(a /30 is 4 addresses, a /29 is 8 addresses - you listed 6 so I guess
>you have a /29 :-)
>The DHCP one is totally separate - another ISP provider
>(In my case I have 2 ADSL modems on two separate phone lines)
>Thus in my case (and I think also in Rimas' case) the IP addresses
>have nothing to do with each other.

Triple-homed firewall host.
eth0 is for the LAN (comes up first)
eth1 goes to the DMZ (servers)
eth2 goes to the INternet

He never specified two ISP's, so I just assumed there was one because 
everything seems to be routed through the second IP. Rimas, we need this 

And yup... /30. Lack of sleep and too much caffeine... (I hate doing month 
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