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problem running amanda


I have problemes running amanda on RH7.3 system.

I have a RH7.3 server and i back several clients but i have a problem
with backing up our mail server.
I use the stock rpm version of amanda.

from time to time i got the message in the report file
could not connect to molure ( molure is my email server )
when i connect to molure i see that there s an amandad zombie process 
attached to xinetd.
when i relaunch xinetd the zombie process disapear and the amanda backup
goes on well again until the next backup when it show the same symptoms
after backup of some partition.

The result is my backup failed miserabily.

As far as i can understand it seems that amandad didn't wait for his
children to exit cleanly.

Has someone seen the same symptoms?

Eric Doutreleau
I.N.T			| Tel	: +33 (0) 160764687
9 rue Charles Fourier	| Fax	: +33 (0) 160764321
91011 Evry   France	| email	: Eric Doutreleau int-evry fr

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