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Re: Help a Linux Newbie

There are many good books on Linux.  Some have already been suggested. 
I also recommend that you join your local Linux User Group (LUG) as they
can help you with more general information and tasks.  Some even have
libraries from which you can borrow books on and about Linux from.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Steve W.

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 02:29, Duane Boudreau wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there a getting started with RH guide somewhere? I just completed my
> first ever install of RH and I'm kind of lost on what to do next. I tried to
> grab the getting started PDF off the RH site but it gives a 404 error.
> Also can anyone suggest a good book to start with? Kind of the definitive
> handbook?
> TIA,
> Duane
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