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Re: Installing Win2K on an existing Linux box (duel boot)

It is much simpler to add Linux to an existing installation of win2k -
that is why you see the lack of info.  Most distributions tell you to
install windows first because it overwrites the boot sector as a part of
the installation.  Now a way around it is to make a boot floppy for the
red hat system (after you make the partition for the windows system) and
then install windows to the partition.  Windows will wipe out grub or
lilo in favor of its isntallation procedure.  when done boot back into
your red hat system via the floppy and reinstall your boot loader with
an option for booting windblows.

I'm not sure where documentation may be, try the Linux Documentation
Project.  A simpler way if you are a newbie would to back up all
important data and partition your drive for the two operating system. 
Then install win2k first then red hat afterwords.  Red hat will detect
the win2k during installation and provide a boot option automatically. 
Of course this is killing the fly with a sledgehammer.  

Hope that helps, I fully admit that I may not know all there is to know
in this regard and accept any and all admonitions or amendments to these
suggestions.  Be real sure what your going to do before you start
playing with partitions - always backup.

Steve White

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 20:22, Joe Klemmer wrote:
> 	I have a laptop at work which I have been running RH 7.3 on for a
> while.  I find myself in a situation where I need to do some development
> under Win2K.  The organization does not have another system to give me
> and, for reasons I don't know, VMware will not cooperate on this box. 
> My only solution is to put Win2K on a partition and run duel boot.  My
> question is:
> 	Where can I find information on adding Win2K to the system?  I have
> found lots of info on how to add Linux to a WinXX box for duel booting
> but none going the other way.
> 	I can probably figure this out (with lots of head banging on the desk
> effort) but if there exists something on this or someone has already
> done it it would be good to have that info.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> -- 
> Paradise; can it be all I heard it was?
> I close my eyes and maybe I'm already there.

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