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Re: LAN Domain Server

> Samba is your friend.  It can emulate an NT4 domain 
> controller quite well, from what I understand. 

Samba is indeed your friend. You will need to follow the directions for 
setting up the smb.conf file as a Domain Controller. The one thing the 
docs are not very good at is detailing how you make your workstation 
*join* the domain.

Here is what works for me to add W2K to a Samba domain:

1. First add the Trust account for the machine we will call "ernie"
# adduser -d /dev/null -s /bin/false ernie$ 

(NOTE: Notice the "$" on the end of the workstation name -- vitally 

2. Reboot "ernie". IMPORTANT: do not browse the server before you begin 
this operation of it will fail with messages about already having 
connections established!
- My Computer
- Control Panel
- Network & Dialup Connections
- Network Identification
- Properties
- Put your domain in the "domain" box

It will then ask you for a user with "authority". Use "root" and your 
root password on the server box.

3. Add your users to the domain ie:
smbuser -a bob

The -a is to "add" a user otherwise to just change the password 
for "bob" leave it out.

Now that you are signing on to the "Domain" and not the local PC, and 
presuming you were using the PC's to browse the server before I assume 
your login ID's matched that of the linux box, remember that the user 
bob\ernie (user bob on the local machine) is completely different than 
bob\mydomain (user bob on you domain called "mydomain"). This means all 
the Windows Profiles will need to be copied over from one user to the 

Good luck,
David B. Cook <davidc advan ca>

The system said "designed for Windows NT or better." So I installed 

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