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Re: changing glibc with up2date

Jerry Williams <jwilliam xmission com> writes:

> I am wondering if I should reboot the machine after changing it.

No, no need at all.

> I guess I would like to know how it gets changed and if everything
> can still be stable after it is done

I guess that would depend on the folks at RH doing their jobs right

Assuming they do, glibc will get updated as any other rpm - the files
will be changed. After that, statically linked executables will not be
affected (until you recompile and relink - then the new library will be
picked up). Dynamically linked executables will pick up the new shared
library next time it is run. If no one screwed up, your system should
be fine. If someone did screw up, I don't see how a reboot would help.
That panacea is effective with other operating systems sometimes, but
not here.

Oleg Goldshmidt | ogoldshmidt NOSPAM computer org 
First binary search algorithm         - J. Mauchly, 1946        
First correct binary search algorithm - D.H.Lehmer, 1960 

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