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2nd Req: Is UDF/CDRW write supported in RH7.3?

Hi again,

I saw no response to my original questions.  Apologies
if this has been covered before, but I have not been
able to find the answers to my questions unaided.

If I am just search-capability-challenged, please just
point me to the right search terms, or if you are
feeling compassionate, to the appropriate url's so 
that I may educate myself on the subject.

TIA for you help in decreasing the level of my


--- Peter Farley <pjfarley3 yahoo com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> One more question on my way to 7.3.  I would like to
> share CDRW's between my W98SE/Roxio DirectCD OS and 
> my RH linux OS (same machine, same drive, Grub
> dual-boot).
> I did a google search on UDF, and all the references
> I could find say that UDF support is integrated into
> the 2.4 kernel, but I also saw at least one
> reference that say write support is disabled "due to

> a kernel problem".
> So, what's the story, please?  Can I (let's say) 
> format a CDRW using Roxio and then read *and write* 
> to that disc under RH7.3?
> TIA for any RTFM's, url's, rpm's and/or info you can
> provide.
> Peter

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