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Re: slow gnome

Maybe the installation failed to detect all of your video hardware
correctly?  I had a similar problem, running X configurator seemed to do the
trick, it allows you to enter all of the specs for you video card, monitor,
etc. and then  writes a sample xfree86.config file.

'Xconfigurator --expert' is the command I think.

Jeremy Tarling

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Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2002 10:50 PM
Subject: slow gnome

> I just loaded Redhat Linux 7.3 on my computer. Everything in Gnome is
> EXTREMELY slow. The mouse moves slowly, it takes several seconds for a
> window to open. I have a 500 MHz AMD K6 processor and 256K of RAM, so it
> should be fine. Any ideas? Or should I just toss Gnome by the wayside?
> Thanks,
> Ken Joyner
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