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RH7.3/Fresh Install/root logs out immediately after successful login

Hi all:

I did a fresh install of RH 7.3 on x86 box.

The system options chosen during installation
 . High Security
 . No X-Windows
 . Basic Networking
 . gcc, g++

The system booted up and then I logged in 'first'
time as root.

I realized that I need to have ftp server and so
I installed wu-ftpd and enabled the service in

I logged out of the system and then I tried
logging in again. The system authenticates me
as 'root' and then I get logged out after sometime
(less than 15 secs) before I see the shell prompt.

This is quite strange! I have never experienced
this before.

Does anybody have any idea what could be going on ?

I accessed the system, using the 'Linux Rescue' mode
and uninstalled wu-ftpd. However, the problem persists.

I will appreciate, if anybody could suggest the solution,
work around or point to sources of information.

Thanks in advance,

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