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Red Hat 7.3 USB Problem

I have an AMD Athlon system with 1 GB RAM on an MSI Motherboard.  I have
a Belkin 4-port USB hub attached to the system and am running an Epson
Stylus C80 printer on one of the USB ports as well as an HP 2200
Scanner, and a 3Com HomeConnect video camera.  The OS has been upgraded
to 2.4.18-10.  When the system boots and loads usb-uhci, the hub (which
is powered by an external power supply) powers up fine.  When the boot
sequence initiates kudzu, the hub powers off.  I've discontinued kudzu
from running during boot-up.  That allows the hub to stay on thru
boot-up.  However, as soon as I do anything that utilizes the hub, it
shuts down.

I've tried to re-compile the kernel and include the usb-ohci module,
however, everytime I do that, the kernel does not initialize the hub.

Has anyone run into this before?  What can I do?



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