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Re: LDAP Authentication ... oops!!

> Ok - I'm in a bind here - Installed RedHat Linux 7.3 with the KDE
> desktop about a month ago, and I love it!. Being the curious and
> sometimes moronic person that I am, I recently turned on LDAP
> authentication for my logins and when I re-booted, my 'root' login does
> not work. I fear that since I didn't add any accounts to the LDAP
> directory, I'm not going to be able to login without re-installing.
> uggh.
> Is there something I can do to get my login back? Does the root account
> exist, but just with a different password? Am I going to be forced to
> re-install?
> Any help is greatly appreciated!!
> Thanks,
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Strange I did this exact same thing last weekend when I was playing with a
newly installed RH 8.0.

To fix it boot in rescue mode using disc 1.  You will eventually end up
with your file system mounted ready to edit.  cd to /etc/pam.d and open (I
believe...Im not at a linux host to check) the file file system-auth. 
There should be three different lines that reference ldap.  Comment them
out.  Save and reboot.

When you log in go back to where you were and change the ldap setting to
remove the ldap verification.


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