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RE: kernel baseline for Redhat 7.3

If I'm not mistaken - which is entirely possible - you can do a ' make
oldconfig' that will write a new config file with the current kernel

Steve W.

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Subject: kernel baseline for Redhat 7.3

I tried to install the new kernel binary (kernal-2.4.18-10.i686.rpm) via
a rpm binary.  My system only boots via floppy.  After installing, I
tried using mkbootdisk and got an error message.  First question, is
there a way that I can do it manually?

I have been looking at the docs to rebuild the new kernel from source.
Second question, is there a baseline that Redhat used when they made the
stock kernal that I can start from.  I have not been able to find any
CURRENT documentation on building a new kernal.  Can you point me to a
good faq?

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