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[OT] RE: Anti-Virus

Both netbus client AND server run under wine very well, although, i have
no idea why one would want to do that!

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Subject: Re: Anti-Virus

>I guess my redhat is infected a viurs name "netbus'.
>Does any one know which product to clean virus.

.... you're not serious. Netbus is (was?) a W32 trojan a couple years 
back, wasn't it?

A virus would have a time trying to execute on a linux machine unless 
you've installed some binary or code from an untrusted source, and even 
then you have to work overtime to actually make it do it's thing. For
practical purposes, linux is virus free (as far as we know), although 
there have been a couple worms and there is always danger of a rootkit
security vulnerability.

So you have some concerns. What are they based on? Can you post any logs

or copies of compromised daemons or files?

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