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Re: RH 7.3 & Motherboard Power Issue

>> >Because, as I noted before, if the power outage is long enough for the UPS 
>> >to drain, the machine will still lose power.  When the power comes back 
>> >on, and the UPS is again able to provide power to the system, will the 
>> >system come back on?
>> You are running on the assumption that having a system autopower-on is 
>> a good thing. After a power-out event, coming back on-line right away can 

>> <snip>
>I make no assumption, other than the assumption that the poser of the 
>question wants his system to power back on after a power outage.  Whether 
>or not it is safe, prudent, wise, etc is left as an exercise for the 
>reader and the implementer.  I am simply responding to the request and 
>requirement inferred from the poster's query.

...gotcha ;)
the you wasn't directed at you, but at you as in collective... (lemme kno 
if Im not makin any sense here...)

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