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Re: Apache and Router issues

>Can somebody  please help me configuring my imap and pop3 server ...i wanna
>check my email in outlook express from my linux redhat 7.3 box.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated
>thanks in advance

... you have some homework to do. Go to linuxdocs.org and read the 
email-administrators howto. Then chose a mailserver. I suggest postfix if 
you're a newbie, sendmail if you're a masochist and qmail if you're a 
guru. Then go to postfix.org and read everything in sight. Now you are 
1/10th of the way there... Go to isc.org and read about bind9. Then get 
thee a domain name. Now configure and test bind9. Now test it again. Test 
it a 3rd time. Figure out the problems and fix them. Now you are ready to 
install and configure postfix. Do so step-by-step from the docs you read 
earlier at postfix.org. Test your new mail system. Test it again. Tigure 
out the problems and solve them. Test it some more. Now, go to 
/etc/xinetd.d/imap and change the line that reads disable = yes to 
disable = no. Then do service xinted restart. You now have a running mail 
system. Simple, isn't it? :)

If you leave out any of these steps, you are on your own with regard to 
any future mail server questions.

BTW: this is the quick an dirty howto for email admin.

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