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Re: problem of monitor

On Thu Oct 10 2002 at 19:14, "ytkom" wrote:

> Hi,
> I installed linux7.3 on Dell Dimention4500.
> I have monitor Dell M782 which is not in list when installing.
> Anaconda search the monitor with some Horizontal and vertical sync
> value that is same as my monitor. But still I am not able to start
> gnome or KDE.

Get the monitor specifications for your monitor from its
documentation booklet or web site (you need the horiz and vert sync
rates) and manually put them into your /etc/X11/XF86Config (or
XF86Config-4) file in the relevant "Monitor" section.

> the same is also with graphics card
> I have NVIDIA GetForce 4MX which is again not in the list.
> Ananconda select NVIDIA GetForce 2MX (generic).

Go to nvidia's web site and download the nvidia module driver
.src.rpm file, install and rebuild it, and then install the
resulting binary rpm.  (There is likely to be a pre-compiled driver
rpm already available for your running kernel if it is a standard
redhat kernel).

But the generic driver should still work for you to give you an X
interface up and running (even if its 3D capabilities are somewhat
limited in comparison to nvidia's own linux drivers).

> If anybody can help me I will appriciate it.

Good luck.

> thanks
> Yogesh.

I know I've left out lots of detail here, but altering the
XF86Config file should be obvious when you see it, and the
instructions for using the nvidia driver are available at their web


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