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Re: compile differences ?

> From: Gordon Messmer <yinyang eburg com>> 
>> I ran "nm" on the files and redirected output to files. The 2 files
>> compared exactly, so the symbol tables are the same. I stripped both
>> versions of the executable and they compare exactly. WTF?

> What do you mean when you say that they "compare exactly"?  Do they
> match size and md5sum after stripping the binary?

I used "cmp". 

I think I may have found the problem....maybe someone can verify
this possibilty. I did some cleanup several days ago and among other
things deleted some older kernels from the /boot directory. 
Note that I have verified from the /var/log/message files that during
this entire period we have been running the same kernel: 2.4.18-3. 
Also the files "System.map-2.4.18-3" and "module-info-2.4.18-3" have a
timestamp several months old, so they haven't been touched, BUT
the symbolic links that point to these files are new. Perhaps the
symlinks pointed to the maps for the older kernels that I deleted and
somehow the system cleaned up and re-pointed them to the maps in use?

If that's not it then I'm still stumped. I've checked the source code,
the libs, the gcc binary.....all have NOT changed. 


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