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RE: Red Hat 7.3 (it hangs up)


I need you to explain me all the things. I'm a newbie... so!
What logs must I see? Where are they?

I think that now lines are wrapped ;)



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>But, I tried to ping the IP and got no response. If the problem was 
>just an X one I think the pc should reply to the ping. Isn't it true?

You're still not wrapping your lines... if you don't wrap your lines, no

more answers... deal?

What do the logs say from just before the freeze up. Last time I saw
it was X, but not in the way I thought it might be. I had to run
and that fixed it. the machine in question was also 100% unresponsive.
not saying that your problem is identical, but that I found the hint to 
the problem in the logs.

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