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Re: Firewall: Please Advise

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:58:57 -0700, jdow wrote:

> When I setup a firewall with NAT and tried to stream into another
> machine with RealAudio it was a total bust. The only firewall I saw
> that said it MIGHT work was basically a non-firewall. So I gave up and
> went back to technology that lets the data I need flow through if I
> have asked for it.{^_^}

In other words you went back to the less powerful packet filtering
architecture because it allows real audio traffic to get through
without having to explicitly punch holes into a firewall.

Hmmm, you insist on punching holes into your firewall using
protocol-specific helper modules. That is something completely
different than writing "you could not get the data you need through
the firewall".

Sounds much as if the firewall you tried did only permit traffic to
and from a few well-known server ports. Many firewalls are built
like that.


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