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Re: Firewall: Please Advise

And every one of them said it is basically impossible to pass most
of the additional protocols that are passed via the ip_masq_xxxx
protocol modules for IPChains.

This is the chief reason the TrinityOS Project has not migrated to
IPTables. The author'd like to; but, the lack of protocol support is
a huge disincentive.

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On Fri, 11 Oct 2002 00:52:48 -0700, jdow wrote:

> I also pawed around the netfilter site and THEY were absolutely no
> help whatsoever. They even said outright there is no help for it. So
> after about three hours of Google search and Netfilter search I went
> back to something that works, less powerful or not.

Help on what?

The netfilter site has tons of HOWTOs, FAQs, Tutorials, Introductory
Guides linked.

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