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mouse problem

        I'm having a serious problem with my Red Hat Linux 7.3. After
installing (everything is ok), I boot my PC , start the XWindow environment
(KDE), and when i TRY to move the mouse (Mouse Systems - Optical Mouse PS/2)
the system hangs, and it won't get any input from the keyboard nor the mouse
(Nothing, not even the Num Lock / Caps Lock / Scroll Lock ON/OFF keys).

I reset my system, and move the  mouse without starting KDE... the same: i
didnt even log in, by just moving the mouse in the text-login screen, it
crashed my system, and showed some strange error message : something like
"Spurious 8259A Interrupt: IRQ7", right there in the prompt for the

Then I tried to start KDE without moving the mouse, just using the keyboard
to move around, and it was OK, so I concluded it's something with my mouse.

What's the problem? Is it because it's PS/2? Is there any solution? Should I
change my mouse? Would it have to be a serial-type mouse?



PS: I doubled-checked at the time of the installation for choosing the
"right" mouse (Generic PS/2 mouse), since i couldn't find anything closest
to my mouse than that

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