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Bad position/size of X display

With a recent install of RH 7.3 and using a Geforce2MX based video card
I cannot get the screen to the right size and position I have under
The X windows display is off-centre and wrong size.

Latest Nvidia driver installed.  Everything seems ok. (I get ~100 fps
running Tux Racer at 800x600x16 and it's quite smooth)

I have downloaded a lot of info on XF86Config (and -4), modeline
generation, etc, but can't find any answers.

I have used xvidtune to check and generate new modelines, but it
doesn't allow me to change certain parameters.
It's as if it were impossible to move or re-size beyond certain values.
Result: can't get the display to occupy full screen.

I want to know if it *can* be fixed!... maybe there's a limitation that
I'm not aware of and I'm not getting anywhere.

Under Win98 the resolution I have is 1152x864x16 @ 85 Hz.  The display
occupies the entire screen of my monitor after I adjusted it manually
with my monitor's panel settings.

However, under RH7.3 the 1152x864x16 appears to run at 85 Hz too, but
the size is smaller and off-center and I don't want to adjust with the
monitor settings because then the display under Win98 will be

How can it be that under Linux and Win the settings for video are
seemingly the same, but the display output is different?!?!?!?!?

Any help or referral will be gladly appreciated.



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